rtEXIEncStringTable.h File Reference

EXI encoder string table structure and functions. More...

#include "rtxsrc/rtxContext.h"
#include "rtxsrc/rtxHashMapStr2UInt.h"
#include "rtexisrc/rtEXIExternDefs.h"
#include "rtxsrc/rtxHashMapUndef.h"

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struct  OSEXIEncStringTable
 This structure defines the structure of the various string table partitions used by the encoder. More...


EXTERNEXI void rtEXIEncStringTableInit (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSEXIEncStringTable *pstrtab, size_t capacity)
 This function initializes the given string table structure.
EXTERNEXI OSEXIEncStringTablertEXIEncNewStringTable (OSCTXT *pctxt, size_t capacity)
 This function allocates and initializes a new string table structure.
EXTERNEXI void rtEXIEncStringTableClear (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSEXIEncStringTable *pstrtab)
 This function clears all strings out of the existing table.
EXTERNEXI OSUINT32 rtEXIEncStringTableAdd (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSEXIEncStringTable *pstrtab, const OSUTF8CHAR *str)
 This function adds a string to the given string table.
EXTERNEXI OSUINT32 rtEXIEncStringTableGetIndex (OSEXIEncStringTable *pstrtab, const OSUTF8CHAR *str)
 This function gets the index (i.e.

Detailed Description

EXI encoder string table structure and functions.

Definition in file rtEXIEncStringTable.h.