XBinder Documentation

Version 2.5.x

C Common Runtime Library Functions

The C run-time common library contains common C functions used by the low-level encode/decode functions. These functions are identified by their rtx prefixes.

The categories of functions provided are as follows:

  • Context management functions handle the allocation, initialization, and destruction of context variables (variables of type OSCTXT) that handle the working data used during the encoding or decoding of a message.
  • Memory allocation macros and functions provide an optimized memory management interface.
  • Doubly linked list (DList) functions are used to manipulate linked list structures that are used to model repeating XSD types and elements.
  • UTF-8 and Unicode character string functions provide support for conversions to and from these formats in C or C++.
  • Date/time conversion functions provide utilities for converting system and structured numeric date/time values to XML schema standard string format.
  • Pattern matching function compare strings against patterns specified using regular expressions (regexp's).
  • Diagnostic trace functions allow the output of trace messages to standard output.
  • Error formatting and print functions allow information about encode/decode errors to be added to a context block structure and printed out.
  • Memory buffer management functions handle the allocation, expansion, and de-allocation of dynamic memory buffers used by some encode/decode functions.
  • Formatted print functions allow binary data to be formatted and printed to standard output and other output devices.
  • Big Integer helper functions are arbitrary-precision integer manipulating functions used to maintain big integers.